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Mark’s RV Garage Episode 16

Posted by RV Education 101

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Mark’s RV Garage Internet TV show is a streamed video. You will need an Internet connection to view the program. Total Run Time 24:55

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The Telly Awards honor the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions, and work created for the Web.

 This episode of Mark’s RV Garage is sponsored by: Explorer RV Insurance , KOA Campgrounds , Camping WorldTuson RV Brakes, Stromberg Carlson Products, Kodiak Trailer Components and RV Education 101®

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On this episode of Mark’s RV Garage:

Since we are switching to hydraulic disc brakes we also need an electric/ hydraulic brake actuator. We’ll mount the actuator on the front of the trailer and when we combine it with a Direct link Network Enhanced brake controller by Tuson you have a two way data network with amazing proportional trailer braking that also allows you to monitor the status of your towable braking system like never before.

* Mark installs stabilizer jacks

* Mark installs LP gas and carbon monoxide detector

* Mark installs electric tongue jack

* Mark installs LP gas cylinders and regulator.

* Mark tests the operating pressure and tests for leaks with the manometer then tests the operation of all LP gas appliances.

* Tyler sands and paints components on the trailer

All of this and more on this episode of Mark’s RV Garage

The “Mark’s RV Garage” Series is presented by RV Education 101® – They offer a full line of RV Educational and RV walk through dvds

See Highlights of Episode 16 Below:

RV Buzz Quick Tip:

If you want to test your RV for LP gas leaks but don’t have a manometer you can use an approved LP gas leak detector solution. Just turn the gas on and spray the solution on all LP gas fittings and connections. If there is a leak you will see bubbles forming around the area where the leak is. Always remember to use a back up wrench whenever you tighten an LP gas fitting and double check it for leaks after tightening.

NOTE*You should take your RV to an authorized service center to have a complete LP gas check-up.

Trivia question :

Approximately how many hours has Mark invested in the vintage trailer restoration project to date?

A) 250

B) 450

C) Over 600


C) Figuring 3 days a week for the last 7 months Mark has well over 600 hours on this project.

RV Product Spotlight:

JENSEN 24 Inch Silhouette LED Illuminated LCD TV

When it came time for entertainment ASA Electronics came through again with this Jensen LED illuminated LCD 24 inch TV. These new, high performance JENSEN LED TVs are perfect for the RV lifestyle. These TV’s ranging in size from 15 to 32 inches eliminate size, weight and power constraints which are all concerns among RVers.  They operate on 12-volt DC power making them ideal for dry camping too. The use of LED illuminated displays creates a slim, lightweight, space saving TV, great for mounting on the RV wall or on a stand like the one we will be using.  This Silhouette TV features high definition with an integrated HDTV tuner and 16.7 million colors in the display. 

In addition to the great picture this Jensen TV also features all of the inputs and outputs you will need, and it’s compatible with the DVD player in the Jensen stereo we installed earlier. When it’s time to kick back and relax you can’t beat a JENSEN LED illuminated TV like this.

Electric tongue jack

I am all for working smarter, not harder, and when it comes to hitching and unhitching a travel trailer working smarter means installing an electric tongue jack. Stromberg Carlson Products came through with this JET 3500 pound electric tongue jack for the old Yellowstone trailer. This model has up to 18 inches of travel and there is a large 3 bulb LED light if you are hitching or unhitching when its dark outside. It also comes with an emergency crank handle to use if you don’t have power.

This 3500 pound electric tongue jack makes easy work of hitching and unhitching. Life just got easier for me with the old Yellowstone trailer. This product is available HERE

 Scissor Jacks     Today we’re going to install a set of scissor jacks on the rear of the old Yellowstone, compliments of  Stromberg CarlsonProducts Inc. Scissor jacks help to stabilize the trailer when you set up at you camping destination. And in pop ups and small trailers like this if you don’t have scissor jacks and too much weight shifts to the rear of the trailer the front can flip up in the air. These jacks expand from 4 to 24 inches and the bowtie base works well on soft surfaces. You can weld or bolt the jacks to the frame of the trailer.

Well we killed two birds with one stone. Now we can stabilize the trailer when we’re camping and we don’t need to worry about the front going airborne if everybody decides to sit on the couch. For more information on these scissor jacks and other RV products take a minute to visit  Stromberg CarlsonProducts Inc.

Bunk ladder  

When we go camping in the old Yellowstone trailer Tyler will be sleeping in the overhead bunk.

I didn’t want him stepping on my arm or leg on the bed below when he needs to get in or out of the bunk so we got this bunk ladder from Stromberg Carlson Products. It’s lightweight and durable and should help me get a peaceful nights rest if Tyler needs to get up in the middle of the night. For more information on the bunk ladder and more great products for RVs visit Stromberg CarlsonProducts Inc.

Refillable Steel Propane Cylinders

Power RV appliances, grills and other propane accessories.

Worthington’s steel portable propane cylinders come in eight sizes ranging from 4.25 lb. to 100 lb. for recreational, commercial, industrial and home applications. These cylinders are manufactured to Department of Transportation (DOT) or Transport Canada (TC) specifications in facilities that have a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9002 requirements. Available at Camping World. Don’t leave home without it. ~ Mark Polk

 Cool RV Destination:

KOA – Jackson Hole / Snake River

Last summer when we took our 5 week RV vacation, we made a stop at the Jackson South/Snake River KOA, the gateway to an outdoor paradise that includes Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Bridger Teton National Forest, and the Snake and Hoback Rivers. The mountain Kampground sits right on the Snake River–they have RV and tent sites shaded by aspens, cottonwoods, and giant spruce trees; they have Kabins that overlook the Snake River and tent sites along both Horse Creek and the Snake River.  Enjoy guided whitewater rafting or scenic float trips that will surely be a vacation highlight (10% discount if you stay with KOA). Yet another popular activity they offer is tubing! Rent a tube for the whole day and float right down to the KOA. A great number of area activities include fishing the Snake River, hiking the Wind River Range, soaking in Granite Hot Springs, or taking a horseback ride right across the street. The shops, galleries, and restaurants of Jackson are just a 10-minute drive north

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Don’t miss the season finale when Mark adds some color to the old Yellowstone trailer and reveals the completed project.

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Thanks for joining me today in my RV garage. Travel safe and have fun in your RV and remember when it comes to learning about RV’s we’ve got you covered. Be sure to take a minute and visit www.rvconsumer.com and we’ll see you right back here next on our next episode of marks RV garage.
Mark Polk


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