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Mark’s RV Garage Episode #6

Posted by RV Education 101

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See Highlights of Episode 6 Below:

RV 4 The Cause  FULL Interview  with Marty & Patti Shenkman

Our friends at Microsoft streets and trips were gracious enough to send us 5 copies of the streets and trips with GPS locator. This is a 70 dollar value and we are giving these away for free, but there is a twist. Send me your best RV camping tip and if I use it on a show episode you get a copy of Microsoft streets and trips absolutely free. I’ll even pay for the shipping. You can’t beat that. So here is what you do. Send me your best RV camping or RV tech tip. For example to remember that your RV antenna is in the raised position hang your tow vehicle or motorhome keys from the antenna handle. That way you can’t drive off with youtr antenna up. Man I should give myself a copy for a great tip like that. So what are you waiting for send your tips today and start planning your RV trip with streets and trips tomorrow. E-mail me (Mark) your best tip and put my camping tip in the subject line.
The winner of this week’s Microsoft Streets and Trips is Chuck Dunn.

Congratulations Chuck, your complimentary copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips is on the way to you.

Mark’s RV Product Spotlight:

6 Shaded Globe Lights

One of the most enjoyable times RVing is when you are sitting outside on a beautiful evening. Whether it’s enjoying a campfire, the company or the sounds surrounding you at night it’s a lot of fun. Nothing adds to the ambiance more than a nice set of patio lights for your awning.

These lights come in all shapes and sizes to suit your personal preference.

Black shade directs light to your campsite, adding a welcoming glow. Uses standard 60-watt or lower bulbs (sold separately).

Buy Here

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This old Yellowstone is what would be known as a sleeper in the world of muscle cars. A sleeper is a car that looked odrinary and plain but had a high performance engine and parts that could beat most other cars. The old Yellowstone looks plain from the outside but it will be equipped better than some modern day RVs you can get today.

Watch the RV Cooking Show:

A virtual cooking class on wheels with an RV travel component, The RV Cooking Show takes viewers on adventures to some of the most sought-after or interesting but little-known RV locations in the country and then creates a healthy, easy, delicious destination-related dish in host Evanne Schmarder’s RV kitchen.

Each less-than-10-minute episode – part travelogue, part cooking show – shares travel tips, ideas and recommendations on popular RVing locales and products then walks viewers through the preparation of a delicious destination-related dish. Past episodes include a tour of Albuquerque’s 505 Chili Factory and Huevos Rancheros, Mojitos and the Fabulous Florida Keys and a salmon dinner in conjunction with the spectacular Olympic National Park.

Viewers have the option of watching the RV Cooking Show on YouTube, various RV-related websites such as Camping.com and RVDreamRadio or on the RV Cooking Show website. So as not to miss a single savory episode, viewers may subscribe to the show on YouTube or on this website.

An RV industry insider, full-time RVer Ms. Schmarder connects with viewers in part by “living the (their) RV dream”. She is a professional speaker, writer, foodie and unabashed explorer.

Marks RV Mailbox

Question: Hi Mark, quick question for you. In several of your DVD’s/articles, you recommend installing a temperature >controlled DC vent fan to improve RV refrigerator performance in hot weather. When I inquired about purchasing this accessory at my local Camping World, I was told that on a newer refrigerator (which I have), the performance is not significantly improved by a vent fan. Do you agree with this assessment, or do you believe that even the newest models will benefit from installing this accessory?

Mark’s Answer:  Well Russ that really depends on how well the refrigerator is vented when it is installed in the RV. I have seen refrigerators with little to no room for ventilation and others with more than enough room to help vent the heat from behind the refrigerator and keep it cool.

On our Class C Motorhome there was very little space for ventilation and I added a 12 volt fan to assist. It improved the cooling efficiency significantly. Our Class A MH came from the factory with a 12 volt fan already installed.

I guess the best answer is the refrigerator itself. If it seems to struggle keeping things cold in hot weather you can benefit from a fan. If it does a good job it probably isn’t necessary.

For more information on RV upgrades we offer a DVD titled EZ RV Upgrades.

Thanks for joining me today in my RV garage. Travel safe and have fun in your RV and remember when it comes to learning about RV’s we’ve got you covered. Be sure to take a minute and visit www.rvconsumer.com and we’ll see you right back here next on our next episode of marks RV garage.

Mark Polk


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The automotive industry converted to disc brakes for good reason. Specify Kodiak disc brakes on your next traileryou’ll be glad you did!

Charlie and I (Robert) are the third generation in the business(RV Product Accessories). We have scraped knuckles making proto types, and traveled the roads to meet with customers in their back yards. At our facility we talk about ISO-9000, CNC Machinery, Capability Studies, and developing reliable manufacturing systems. But on the road we talk to our customers about their goals and their vision, what lies ahead for them over the next five years. Until we understand what lies ahead for our customers we can not orchestrate our business. Serving your needs is the only way we can achieve success. Then the secret is to never stop chasing the needs of your customers. How can we help you today to be successful tomorrow? RV accessories such as electric tongue jacks, scissor jacks, hand rails and much more…

The Original Equal-i-zer® Sway Control Hitch, with 4-Point Sway Control™, helps the driver be in control and the passengers be at ease. It has been specially designed to tackle the three biggest problems found with conventional trailer hitches: trailer sway, weight distribution, and complicated hook-ups. We continually strive to move forward and be innovative in all our activities.