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Mark’s RV Garage Episode #7

Posted by RV Education 101

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See Highlights of Episode 7 Below:

Our friends at Microsoft streets and trips were gracious enough to send us 5 copies of the streets and trips with GPS locator. This is a 70 dollar value and we are giving these away for free, but there is a twist. Send me your best RV camping tip and if I use it on a show episode you get a copy of Microsoft streets and trips absolutely free. I’ll even pay for the shipping. You can’t beat that. So here is what you do. Send me your best RV camping or RV tech tip. For example to remember that your RV antenna is in the raised position hang your tow vehicle or motorhome keys from the antenna handle. That way you can’t drive off with youtr antenna up. Man I should give myself a copy for a great tip like that. So what are you waiting for send your tips today and start planning your RV trip with streets and trips tomorrow. E-mail me (Mark) your best tip and put my camping tip in the subject line.
The winner of this week’s Microsoft Streets and Trips is Vince.

Tip by Vince: Put a small dry erase board near the door of your RV for the exclusive propose of displaying the address of your current location. That way should you need to call 911, you can give the dispatcher your proper address rather than just saying Joe’s Campground and counting on them to look it up. In emergency situations every second counts. You will be under stress so make it easy and have this information at the ready. It could save your loved one’s life or somebody else’s.  

 Thanks Vince, keep checking your mailbox, your free copy of Microsoft Streets & trips with GPS is on its way. We still have two copies left so keep the camping tips coming and it could be you that gets the next free copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips.

Mark’s RV Product Spotlight:
When we go camping in the RV something that needs to be done quite often is to clean the floors and other areas of the RV with a vacuum cleaner, especially with kids and dogs running in and out. One problem with this is finding a space big enough to store a bulky vacuum cleaner and then getting it in and out every time you need to use it. I could understand the frustration so I decided to surprise Dawn by installing a Dirt Devil central vacuum cleaner designed for RVs. I installed the vacuum cleaner in an out of the way place, but have it accessible on the interior whenever we need it. ~ Mark Polk Available at Camping World

Now you don’t have to drive across the country in search of a driving school to learn driving skills.

 Trivia question about Mark: What kind of RV did Mark borrow from the dealership to use in his first real RV adventure 

a)      Used pop up

b)      Used travel trailer

c)       Used class C motorhome

d)      A truck camper

Answer: b) Mark borrowed a 60s model Shasta travel trailer to take on a deer hunting trip when he was a teenager.

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Question: Mark, What is the difference between modified sine wave inverters and true sine wave converters? I store my RV 35 miles away at a RV storage lot without 120v household current. I’d like to inflate my tires with an air compressor right there on the lot. I’ve seen the inverters in the Camping World catalog and both claim to power variable speed tools.  Any help would be appreciated. I really enjoy your “Mark’s RV Garage” segments and your educational videos. 

Mark’s answer: Good question and I’m glad you like the show.

There are a few things to consider when talking about inverters. Inverters are rated in watts and come in a variety of sizes and power ranges from 75 watts to 3000 watts. When you purchase an inverter the output capacity must be capable of operating the loads that will be placed on it. Inverters have two different capacity ratings, the continuous output rating and surge capacity rating. Continuous output is the maximum wattage the inverter can output for a long time period. Surge capacity is the maximum wattage the inverter can output during initial start up. All appliances require more power when they initially start, compared to what they use when they are running, so the starting power required for any appliance that you plan to use with the inverter must be within the surge capacity rating.

To answer your question the difference is primarily what type of AC power the inverter produces. There are modified sine wave inverters and true or pure sine wave inverters. Modified sine wave inverters are less expensive and will power most types of appliances. The down side to modified sine wave inverters is that some electronic equipment will not run on this waveform and because it’s not true or pure sine wave you may get some electrical noise or a snowy picture on your TV screen.

True or pure sine wave inverters are more expensive, but they are capable of producing power as good as a power company and all appliances and electronic equipment will run the way they are intended to. Microwaves, motors and other inductive loads will run quieter and will not overheat and electrical noise will be reduced. If you plan to use a computer or other sensitive electronic equipment you may want to consider a true sine wave inverter.

 RV Destinations:

What is the most famous waterfall in America? If you said Niagara Falls you’re right and that’s where we are going today, to the Niagara Falls North KOA. Rest and relax at your peaceful campsite just minutes away from the breathtaking falls. Your hosts can arrange a van tour, door to door, or a jaw-dropping view and they can offer you lots of other suggestions as well , like the huge jet boat run through rapids in the Niagara Gorge, musket demonstrations at 300-year-old Fort Niagara and charter fishing on Lake Ontario. Let’s head to the Niagara Falls North KOA and take a closer look at a very fun place to visit

What makes Niagara Falls North KOA so special is how close it is to everything you might want to see in the area. Let the tour bus pick you up for the 10 mile trip to the Falls or take a  quick trip over the border to see all the beautiful sights of Canada. It’s just one and one-half hours to Blue Jay’s Baseball and other attractions like Ontario Place, Canadian National Exhibition, Ontario Science Center, Toronto Zoo, and Casaloma Castle.

At the falls venture down a series of wooden walkways leading to Bridal Veil Falls, where you will be only an arms-length away from the thundering water. Cave of the Winds is open mid-May thru September daily from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and mid-September thru October daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you prefer boats over walking enjoy a boat tour of “Maid of the Mist.” This is a 30-minute boat ride that takes you up close to one of the Wonders of the World as you pass by the base of the American Falls and into the ring of the Horseshoe Falls experiencing the magic of the mist.

Want to just spend some time relaxing and having fun around the campground. You can enjoy a quiet swim in the pool or set up a game of horseshoes or volleyball while the kids enjoy the recreation room. On the weekends enjoy the pancake breakfast, ice cream socials and free wine tasting. If you like golf don’t forget about the new Hickory Stick pro golf course just two miles away and open to the public.

Whether you just want to relax and lounge around the campground, or spend your days sightseeing all the local attractions the Niagara Falls North KOA is a great camping destination for this years camping season. For more information on this fun KOA destination visit http://koa.com/

RV Buzz Quick Tip

Try to get in a habit of checking the condition of your windshield wiper blades before you leave on a trip. This is one of those things we don’t think about until the next time we need them. You can periodically clean the wiper blades using a rag with some windshield washer fluid on it.

 Watch the RV Cooking Show:  A virtual cooking class on wheels with an RV travel component, The RV Cooking Show takes viewers on adventures to some of the most sought-after or interesting but little-known RV locations in the country and then creates a healthy, easy, delicious destination-related dish in host Evanne Schmarder’s RV kitchen.

Each less-than-10-minute episode – part travelogue, part cooking show – shares travel tips, ideas and recommendations on popular RVing locales and products then walks viewers through the preparation of a delicious destination-related dish. Past episodes include a tour of Albuquerque’s 505 Chili Factory and Huevos Rancheros, Mojitos and the Fabulous Florida Keys and a salmon dinner in conjunction with the spectacular Olympic National Park.Viewers have the option of watching the RV Cooking Show on YouTube, various RV-related websites such as Camping.com and RVDreamRadio or on the RV Cooking Show website. So as not to miss a single savory episode, viewers may subscribe to the show on YouTube or on this website. An RV industry insider, full-time RVer Ms. Schmarder connects with viewers in part by “living the (their) RV dream”. She is a professional speaker, writer, foodie and unabashed explorer.

Thanks for joining me today in my RV garage. Travel safe and have fun in your RV and remember when it comes to learning about RV’s we’ve got you covered. Be sure to take a minute and visit www.rvconsumer.com and we’ll see you right back here next on our next episode of marks RV garage.

Mark Polk



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